I have been a photographer for nearly twenty years, mostly as a hobby, with the (very) occasional paid gig. I dabble in all kinds of different genres: landscape, nature, people, fine art, nudes, toys… whatever looks like it might be fun at the time. Aside from constantly turning the camera on my partner, I don’t do much people photography anymore. My partner will always be my favorite subject, and you’ll see a lot of her on my Flickr page.

I shoot with fairly old, low cost gear. Two Nikon D3100s, and an old D50 that still occasionally gets use when I need to use an older lens that doesn’t play well with the D3100s.

I use entirely open source software for processing and workflow. GIMP, Digikam, Gwenview and Darktable, running on Devuan Linux. However, I’m very much a minimalist when it comes to post-processing. I do minor adjustments to exposure and white balance, but I do my best to get the rest when I push the shutter switch.