It’s been an extremely productive weekend

I got a lot of work done on the tear drop, did a lot of little chores around the house, got a bit of coding in, read a little bit, cooked a big breakfast yesterday, ran lots of errands around town… I got a lot done.

I’ve got a lot of little projects I’d like to tinker with.

  • I want to build my own hidden USB drive, just for the hell of it. I’ve got a few ideas there, either modifying some doo-dad I have laying around, or 3D print something.
  • I need to finish the little robot I’ve been working on for months now. All that’s really left to be done is get a decent set of wheels, and a gearbox for it, and then put it in some kind of enclosure. My code could use some cleaning up, and I have another feature that I want to add onto it. I have a million and one uses for it, but I’ve been so busy with other things for months now, that I haven’t taken the time to finish it up.
  • I’ve been fascinated with toy photography for about a year now, and I have so much stuff laying around my nerd cave, namely legos, that would make good subjects. I need to get on that. This would be a good summer for it.
  • I haven’t had time to play Minecraft in a few weeks. I have goals there that are languishing.
  • I still need to migrate my main PC over to Debian, from Kubuntu. I know it’s going to be a big project, so I keep putting it off. There isn’t ever going to be a good time to do it, so I need to just do it.
  • I’ve been thinking about ways to contribute to the Linux and open source communities, since I’m not a decent enough coder to contribute anything useful in that arena. I’m going to start screenshotting some apps that are in dire need of screenshots with their documentation, and send those in to Debian. I’ve set up a Deluge server and I’m seeding various forms of different Linux distributions, and working out ways to keep those up-to- date. I’ve been thinking of rebooting my Every Day Linux project, which is mostly a Youtube thing for beginning Linux users, and I’m going to start contributing podcasts to Hacker Public Radio.
  • I’m resuming the D&D game that me and some friends started last summer. I let it go because everyone was so busy, and no one ever asked about the next session. My anxiety got the best of me and I assumed that I just really sucked as a DM. So I didn’t bother continuing with it. We all talked at my last birthday party, and they want to keep playing.

As you can see, I have lots I want to do, but clearly not enough time.

I’m planning on changing my sleep schedule, and getting up about an hour earlier than I normally do, so that I have time to work out and walk our dogs before work. So, I should probably get to bed.

Here is a shot from an impromptu hotel shoot we did a few years ago. Enjoy.

Thunderbird + browser

In case anyone else has wasted too much time trying to figure out how to change the browser that Thunderbird uses to open links in emails, it’s here:

  1. Go to Preferences (Menu Edit → Preferences).
  2. Click on the Attachments tab.
  3. In the Content Type and Action section set HTTPSHTTP, and FTP to Use google-chrome (or other desired browser).

Carry on…

Blowing my battery

So I’m building a tongue box for my teardrop trailer, that will contain the battery, power center, and charging station from the solar panels. I’ve been concerned about heat in that box, and was kicking around the idea of putting an Arduino controlled fan in there to keep things cool when necessary.

Yesterday, the maintenance guy at the library walks up to me, holding this big ass blower, says he found it in a pile of crap, and asks me if I could use it.

Hell yes, I can use it.

I ran the model and serial number passed Duckduckgo, and couldn’t find a datasheet on this thing. It says right on it that it operates on twelve volts. It only took about fifteen minutes of tinkering to figure out how to control it. It moves a lot of air, and should work perfect.

I’ll have that Arduino Micro, a temperature sensor, and a relay in there, and set this thing to kick on automagically when it gets to a certain temp inside that box.

Yay for old shit.

Birthdays, photo shoots, the flu, and cabin fever

It’s been a crazy busy year already.

My brother’s birthday was last week, and Laure baked up his usual preferred birthday cake. He came over and we had a little thing. It was nice. My birthday is less than a month away. We’re just inviting a few friends over for a game night. It does fall on a Friday this year, and we both requested each others’ birthdays off from work. I have no idea what we’ll do with the day off. I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Laure, myself, and our housemate all caught the flu. It was a miserable week home from work. We’re all back at work, but still coughing constantly, and going through tissue like nobody’s business. We’re all on the mend though.

I have a tentative shoot with my friend Maia, scheduled for tomorrow evening. I’m excited about that. We’ve been trying to put together a photo shoot for months but life keeps getting in the way. Tonight I’ll be cleaning up the garage to make room for a studio space. I’ve been busy out there working on the teardrop. I’m finally back in the groove there, and wanting to work on it as often as possible. That’s good, because I haven’t wanted to touch it for months, and spring is on the horizon.

The more I work on the teardrop, the more I think about summer, and a road trip. We’ll most likely be broke again this year, and we’ve resolved to use our credit cards as little as possible, so a big road trip probably won’t happen. Still, we’ll be doing as many little trips around the state as we can, visiting state parks and camp grounds. Glacier park will probably happen, and a trip to Yellowstone is not out of the question. We both have time off in July, so we’ll see what the money situation is like then.

Laure has been playing a shit ton of Unravel, and Horizon Zero Dawn. She’s really enjoying those, and I’m glad she’s gaming more these days. I’ve been gearing up to run a TMNT game on Roll20. I only have time to do one-shot scenarios, and I’m hoping to be able to run those at least once a month. I’ll aim to keep each one under two hours, so that I can do them on week evenings. So far I’ve made a bunch of tokens, put together a collection of back grounds, and made “Be right back” and “Starting Soon” screens for YouTube.

I might stream it on Twitch, if there is some way to shut off the chat. I won’t be able to run the game and focus on chat at the same time. The alternative is just to ignore it all together and play. I’m still thinking about that one.

That’s about all I have today. Enjoy these early morning, candid motel room shots from one of our shopping excursions to Spokane.

Shit to do – 2018

Last year, I wrote a few posts (here, here, and here) inspired by Wil Wheaton’s life reboot posts. It wasn’t so much a new year’s resolution thing, because I’ve come to believe that those are fucking ridiculous, so much as something that had been nagging at me for a few months, and I needed to actually enumerate the ways in which I was going to try and do something about it.

So, I’m doing a review, to see how I’ve been doing in that area. So here we go:

* Keep up with my exercise…

I’ve been up and down with this one. I have been walking a LOT more, sometimes as much as seven or eight miles a day, thanks to the motivation provided by Fitbit, but still haven’t managed to get any sort of actual work-out routine in motion.

The only time I could realistically work out, would be in the mornings, which means getting up at 6am, which requires getting to bed by 10pm, because I have sleep problems as it is, and I can’t be fucking with my sleep schedule. This is fucking impossible, because I live with a night-owl. Even if I do go to bed without her, I wake up when she does finally come to bed, so it’s pointless.

Still not sure what to do about that.

When I am walking every day, my weight drops down and hovers between 210 and 215. I’d like it to be closer to 200, ideally 190. I think I’m doing as much as walking and diet can accomplish, and an actual work out regimen needs to be adopted to make any more progress there.

* Quit eating so much, and quit eating so much shit…

Again, up and down with this one. Most of the time I do just fine. The food allergies in our household make it difficult to eat anything but healthy. We eat pretty well, but I still have to watch portions, and resist the urge to buy a peppermint patty every time I’m at the store.

Over all, doing really well on this one.

* Take more photographs…

This effort has been abysmal. I did take more photos this year, but only one actual organized shoot, and nothing at the level I was photographing my every day life five years ago. I’d like to get back to that.

* Play more pen and paper RPGs…

I have been doing pretty well with this one. I’ve got a Rifts game, and a BTS game every month. Admittedly, the Rifts game has gotten a little stale. It’s been ongoing for three years or so, and I’m finding myself less and less interested in it. The BTS game is fantastic. I don’t remember when we started that, maybe last winter some time, and it’s been a lot of fun.

I tried to start a D&D group with my SO, the housemate, and some friends, but after only three sessions, it fizzled out. We managed to get two actual table sessions in before life took over for everyone, and getting together became more difficult. So we decided to instead play over about once a month, and then meet for a table session whenever we could manage it. We played one game on Roll20, which went pretty well, but never got back to it. Everyone seems pretty uninterested in it. Perhaps I just suck as a DM, or maybe everyone is just too busy.

I’d still like to run some one-shots, and have been doing quite a bit of research into quick adventures, and I’d also like to get in with a solid Adventurer’s League group over Roll20 or Google+, since there are no AL groups where I live.

I’d also like to either run or play some Call of Cthulhu. I recently scored a used 7th edition investigator’s handbook, in really great shape, for a hell of a price, so we’ll see what I can manage there. I wanted to get the keeper’s handbook as well, but couldn’t manage to pull an extra $30 out of the budget for it. Hopefully it’ll still be there next week.

* Get to bed earlier…

I mentioned this earlier. I’m doing no better on this one, and it’s pissing me off.

* Finally get started building our teardrop…

I made a shit ton of progress on the tear drop, and if I really buckled down, I could have it campable in a week or two. Unfortunately, I also kind of burned myself out on it, and haven’t been able to bring myself to do much of anything with it in months. I’ve been feeling the urge lately though, and spring is only a few months away, so I may be getting back to work on it very soon.

All in all, regarding the goals I set forth last January, I’ll give myself a solid B. I’ll keep all the same goals for this year, but add two more items to the list:

*Read more.

I haven’t been reading much at all this year. I started again a few weeks ago, and realized how much I’ve missed it. So I’m making time each night before bed, to sit and read for at least a half hour before going to sleep. I like it.

*Less politicsing, more doing fun shit.

I feel guilty about this one, because the US is basically a giant flaming pile of shit, on a slowly sinking ship right now. I want to be active, I want to sign petitions, protest when I can (when I can protest somewhere that anyone will fucking notice), spread information, all that stuff. Here’s the thing though, I’ve been really angry for months now.

At the time, I didn’t know why, but it was brought to my attention numerous times by Laure just how grumpy and generally fucking angry I was all the time. It eventually became clear to me that politics had taken over my life. It was all I thought about for most of this last Autumn. Consequently, I was angry and shitty for most of this last Autumn. It took over my twitter feed, I lost followers on Google+, I was short with everyone, and generally depressed all the time. A few weeks ago, I realized where it all was coming from, and took drastic measures.

The first thing I did was log on to Twitter, and commenced with a shit-ton of un-following. Not because I don’t like those people anymore, but because they were immersed in politics, and I just couldn’t have that shit in my face all day long anymore. In fact, I un-followed a few people that I really like, and I’ll miss their posts, but I just couldn’t do the politics anymore.

Next, I began making a conscious effort to post less on Facebook, and more on Google+. Facebook is almost a necessity now, because I have family members that I can’t seem to stay in touch with any other way. Aside from that, I could leave FB in the dust. Google+ on the other hand, is a wonderful place for me. It’s nothing but games, gadgetry, art and just generally fun people, without all of the ads and bullshit that FB throws at you all day long. Also, it gives you the ability to weed out posts you don’t want to see, while still following those people.

I’ve said it before, Google+ is far, FAR superior to Facebook. I wish more people would come over.

Finally, I moved the Facebook icon off of the main screen on my phone, and into a folder as sort of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing, and it’s been working pretty well. I also went in and disabled all notifications from Facebook. I’ll check it when I get home from work, but I don’t need it barking at me all day long. I didn’t delete it entirely because it has it’s uses. I won’t be posting there much anymore though. Instagram, I’ll keep.

As for the doing-more-fun-shit part, more games, more reading, and more making is all part of that. Also, with the teardrop being completed by early spring, travelling will be a thing this summer. Maybe not a big trip, but lots of little trips will be quite doable.

That’s about everything I have, other than to say that the accompanying photo is one that I posted to Twitter and Instagram a few days ago. It’s a collage of one hundred twelve photos of Laure that I’ve taken over the years. I have literally taken thousands of photos of her, these are just some that I randomly grabbed for this collage, and forced myself to stop at one hundred twelve.

On the linux distro switch, gaming, and other stuff.

Waaaaay back in May, I posted about exploring Debian, and moving away from Ubuntu. I installed it on my laptop, and I’m happy to say that six months later, I’m thrilled to death with Debian. I’ve actually found that in many areas, it’s more up to date than Ubuntu, and in the areas that it’s not, it’s much easier to manually update things without breaking other parts of the OS. I’m also able to use proper AMD video drivers with Debian, which is not possible with Ubuntu, and that makes the gamer in me quite happy. For that same reason, I’m also going to update my son’s PC to Debian, so that he’ll be able to fully utilize the new graphics card that we’re getting him for Christmas this year.

I’ve also began installing Debian on new servers at work, which I have been using Ubuntu for in the past. It’s all working out quite well.

I’ll begin the process of updating my home PC in the next week or two. The actual update should be pretty easy, and only take a few hours. I use Urbackup on my home network, which works fantastic, so I’m already all backed up. The tedious part is going to be reinstalling and configuring all of the various software that I use. I should simply be able to copy some Kde files over, to keep my configurations for a lot of that software. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll post details after I finish the switch.

I don’t anticipate doing as much gaming (video games) on my PC as I have in the past. I won’t say that I’ve lost interest in gaming, I still play a shit ton of Minecraft and The Sims 4, but that’s about it. Most of the gaming on my PC is pen and paper RPGs, played over, or Google Hangouts.

Also, Laure recently bought us a PS4, and we’ve both been playing a lot of Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. I’ve never been a big fan of consoles in the past. As a hard core gamer, I found consoles to be very limiting, for many reasons. But since my gaming furer has cooled significantly, I find consoles to be perfectly adequate.

I have lots of shit to say about politics, but I’m not going to. It’s a mess, all of it. I’m just avoiding a lot of it right now.

Bye, for now.

Another photo of Laure, from a shoot we did out in the woods, this last summer.

Losing my religion


I guess I wouldn’t say I lost it, so much as I shed it.

Like most white Americans, I was born into christianity. My dad was never what you would call steadfast, or devout, but he claimed to be a Christian and as far as I know, still does. My mother on the other hand, was a christian fundamentalist, through and through. She was fanatic about her faith, and tried to instill that fanaticism in my brother and I. When we were little, it worked. It was easy. Why wouldn’t it be? We were little kids and we believed anything our mother told us.

We grew up right in the thick of the satanic panic, and man, that shit had me and my brother terrified. I can remember, very clearly, the fear that any talk about “the devil” invoked at the time. We were afraid of everything. Cartoons, toys, movies, games, you name it. It all had the power of satan behind it.

When mom told us the smurfs were satanic because there was magic in the show, we believed her and we became afraid of the smurfs. When she told us He-man was satanic, the same went there, enough that when I would see a He-man toy at a friend’s house, I would be afraid to touch it or even be near it. The same went for Dungeons and Dragons (kind of a given), rock music, MTV, you name it. If someone at church, or on the 700 club, said something was satanic, my mother was all over it, and it was banned from the household.

My brother and I saw the movie “E.T” in the theater when we were kids, and of course we loved it. We had the books, the toys, the story cassettes, the stuffed animals, the posters, the t-shirts… E.T. was huge to us. Then one day, I believe in the third grade, it all just went away. I never saw what happened to it all but the murmur about the church was that it had all been burned.

When I was four or five years old, we lived in a little trailer park on the outskirts of Casper, Wyoming. My parents had somehow decided to take in a foster child. She was a teenager and her name was Claudia. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a permanent situation or if she was just staying with us for a while, but the situation was volatile right from the start. Somehow, my mother had become convinced that Claudia was practicing witchcraft. My mom claimed to have seen a demon in the living room, and that Claudia had made the vacuum cleaner move on it’s own. Again, being a small child, I believed all of this without question. I would go on to repeat the stories my mother told me about Claudia, to my friends growing up.

At some point, Claudia packed up her things and ran away in the middle of the night. I never did find out what happened to her. Looking back, I feel sorry for her. I have no idea what kind of family situation she came from, or how she ended up in foster care, but to get dropped into our family… that had to be awful. I haven’t thought about her since I was a kid.

The rest of my childhood, up until high school, was a parade of incidents like this. Not knowing anything any different, I never really thought much about it all. It was the world I knew. Demons, witches and satanists were every where. The devil was constantly trying to influence us, and he had followers sacrificing kids, and raping babies in day care center basements, in his name. God was around, but you had to spend a lot of time looking for him.

The turning point for me started in high school. I got a job, a car, and started making friends and having a life away from the church, something that didn’t go unnoticed by my mother, and by the church. It wasn’t as if my friends and I sat around picking apart christianity, quite the opposite in fact. My friends all thought of themselves as christians. The difference was that their christianity was not the focal point of their lives. It was peripheral. It was something they believed, but that belief did not occupy every waking moment of their lives.

This did create enough distance for me to start seeing things just a little bit differently. I had time to start actively contemplating some of the things in the bible that just didn’t add up, and to take a step back and actually, critically think about some of the things I was being taught in church and at youth group. I started to notice patterns of behavior in the church that bothered me. I remember standing in the church one day after a sermon, looking around the room and listening to what people were saying about homosexuality, and thinking to myself “This is not love, this is hatred disguised as love, and no one here can tell the difference”.

Pretty soon I was asking who Adam and Eve’s children married, if there were no other people around. I wanted to know how we knew that so many other civilizations existed in the world, at the time of “the flood”, and yet they were not wiped out, and apparently failed to even notice the raining for forty days and forty nights, and the subsequent flooding. Egypt was a perfect example. They kept impeccable records of everything they did, and yet somehow this flood is never mentioned, and their civilization was untouched by it.

I had a lot of questions. The answers were usually something along the lines of “I don’t know, but god does”, an answer which somehow satisfied everyone else in the room, all of whom were more than happy with the non-answer, and who felt comfortable with the idea that god knowing the answer was good enough. It wasn’t good enough for me though. Eventually my questions were brought to my parents’ attention, and what I was told by them and the church elders, was that I should spend more time meditating on god’s word, and less time asking questions. They didn’t put it like that, of course, but that’s what they were saying.

It wasn’t just the unanswered questions, it was my increasing awareness that all of these people, not just in my church but every other church I had dealings with, were incredibly judgmental. They were spiteful, and hateful, and yet utterly convinced that they were the exact opposite of all of those things. By the time I hit college, what was left of my faith was hanging by a thread. The only thing that kept me calling myself a christian, was fear of the unknown. Christianity was all I had known, all my life.

I was twenty five when I was finally comfortable saying out loud that I was not a christian. Nothing monumental happened that lead up to this, just more little experiences. Lots of little life lessons that showed more and more, that everything I’d learned growing up, was wrong. Not simply factually incorrect, but often morally wrong, and even harmful. I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

To say that I have some lingering anger at christianity doesn’t really describe it. Yes, I am angry. It’s an internal struggle that I deal with every day. I’ll admit that when I learn that someone is a christian, it colors my view of them immediately, and they have to work harder to earn my respect. I know this is wrong. It’s difficult to shake.

The de-conversion process was mostly about learning to recognize old behaviors, and eventually to see them coming so that I could choose to behave differently. Things like attributing every good event to god, and whispering a prayer of thanks under my breath, or a prayer of forgiveness when I did something I thought I shouldn’t have been doing.

It took a while to shake attitudes toward women who behaved, or dressed in ways that the church taught me were unacceptable. It became this game of asking myself why I felt the way I did about certain things, and boiling it down to one simple question.

Is a behavior harmful?

That simple question became the litmus test by which I judged everything I did, and everything I saw other people doing. If I couldn’t find some harm in an action or behavior, then I could begin to see it differently, and think about it more critically. This was quite different from what I’d grown up with, which was simply “because god” or “because the bible”. It took years to change my thinking. I still look back at old behaviors, I look at the way I judged people, and I feel utterly foolish, even ashamed sometimes.

I’m now forty-one years old. I no longer look at anything through the lens of christianity. I also no longer have to consciously play that mental tug of war with my old, christian beliefs. I don’t live in constant fear of the devil and satanists anymore. I no longer spend all of my time wondering what god thinks of what I’m doing at any given moment. In general, I think I’m a much happier person, and to be honest, much less of a judgmental ass.

I’ve been coming back to this post every day for about a week now, and I can’t seem to come up with a good way to gracefully close this post. So here is a shot of Laure from a recent photo shoot. 🙂



Remembering the ex

I remember the last time I saw my ex-wife. It was eight years ago. We met for lunch at a yuppy bar on the north end of downtown, called The Iron Horse. I hadn’t been a fan of this bar since they changed locations, and their entire look and feel. It had gone from a nice, calm, hang out and chit-chat type of bar, to the kind of place where rich, stuffy assholes make business deals, and do lines of coke in the bathroom. The place did have a decent lunch menu though. I remember I ate a chicken sandwich and fries. I don’t remember what Cindy had.

She’d emailed me a while before hand because she was selling her car, and my name was on the loan, so she needed my signature.

After our divorce, we’d maintained a friendly relationship. We didn’t hang out, we barely talked, but when we did talk, things were amicable enough. During this lunch though, I had something of a revelation:

I found her incredibly annoying.

I forget what it was she was blathering on about as I realized this. I was fully aware, sitting across that table from her, that she was saying something, and giggling, and I was no longer listening. Instead, I was wondering if she had always been this annoying. Yes, I decided. Yes, she had. I just never noticed before. Why had I not noticed this before? Maybe for the same reason I believed a lot of her lies over the years. I just wanted things to be good, so that’s how I saw them.

She grew quiet, which finally snapped me out of my daze. I suddenly just wanted to end the lunch and leave.

“Why didn’t you try to work on us, after I left?” She asked me, breaking the lull in the conversation. “You just stopped talking to me.”

This was the case. She moved out, into a little basement apartment across town. We didn’t talk until she contacted me a few months later, about getting on with the divorce proceedings, which I initially refused to pay for, since this whole mess was her doing. In the end, I relented, just to get it over with.

I thought it an odd question. It had never even occurred to me to try and save our marriage after she moved out. The question typified just how self centered and ignorant she was, and had always been. Once she’d walked out the front door of our little apartment for the last time, I knew we were done. I washed my hands of her. The first thing I did, the first weekend after she left, was go out to a bar, pick up some cute, little hippy chick, and spend a good portion of the night having sex in what used to be our bedroom.

Cindy left me for one of my best friends. One of my female best friends, I might add. She was a lesbian, something we both came to realize during our tumultuous, six year relationship. She was raised a good little christian girl, and had been fighting her sexuality for all of her adult life. Her marriage to me was part of that fight. In retrospect, the red flags were everywhere. Due to my own fundamentalist christian upbringing, I sprinted enthusiastically passed those flags, with the narrowest of tunnel vision, and a smile on my face.

During the last eighteen months of our marriage, they both lied to me repeatedly, to my face. For her to be sitting across that table from me, asking why I didn’t try to save our marriage after she left me, was clearly her trying to play the victim, again. She was actually trying to elicit sympathy from me.

“I tried for a year, before you left.” I said, very calmly. “I got us into marriage counseling, and you never took it seriously. I gave up Bailey, because you hated him, and I wanted to show you that you were more important.” Her smile faded when I mentioned Bailey, the Senegal parrot that I had raised from a tiny ball of fuzz. She quit looking at me, and just stared down at her hands in her lap.

I continued. “I put together that trip for our anniversary, trying to rekindle something with you, and you spent the whole time talking to Jackie on the phone. I showed you that I loved you, every day, and gave you every opportunity to reciprocate. You never did. You lost interest in me, and you were in love with someone else. You left our marriage long before you walked out the door. There was nothing to save.”

I didn’t yell it. There was no malice in my tone, no anger of any kind. I just said it all matter-of-factly, as I ate my chicken sandwich. I contemplated bringing up all the stories I’d heard from our mutual friends, lies that Cindy and Jackie had told them about me in an attempt to make me out to be the bad guy. But I didn’t, there was no point. Those friends came to me, and told me those things because they didn’t believe them. That had always been a small point of vindication for me.

“I’m sorry.” Cindy finally said.

I wasn’t sure exactly which thing she was apologizing for, and I didn’t really care. In the span of that lunch together, my opinion of her had plummeted even further, and I wondered how the hell I could have been as naive as I’d been all those years. I had reached a point years before that lunch, where I no longer needed an apology from her, or even an explanation. I had fully put it all behind me.

I don’t remember any details of the conversation after that. I’m pretty sure one of us changed the subject. At some point, I signed the paperwork, making sure it was actually what she said it was. We paid the bill, and we went our separate ways for the last time.

I have not heard from her since.

It wasn’t all bad, being married to her. We had our moments, and we were happy for a very brief period at the beginning of it all. I’m no longer angry about it. I am occasionally stupefied at how dumb I was back then, how willingly gullible I had to be to buy into the bullshit she fed me on numerous occasions. The anger though, it’s gone.

I’m happy now. Laure and I are very happy together. Thirteen years in and we still behave like we just met last month. It’s really good, and I’m grateful for it every day.

Not sure why I got to thinking about my ex today. I just did. So there you have it.

Here is Laure on the beach of our little island a few weeks ago.


Summer seems to finally be here

We had the first actual BBQ of the summer yesterday. We invited some friends over, several cakes were baked. Chicken, salmon, bratwurst, burgers, various types of rice, and some excellent pasta salad were prepared. Later on, Catan, and Cards Against Humanity were played. Pandora was being a real bitch, so Spotify provided the music.

We finally called it quits about 11:30 at night, on account of three of the friends having to drive an hour to get home. We offered to put them up in the spare bedroom but they were intent on sleeping in their own bed.

One of the attendees is from Australia, she was an absolute sweet heart, and I’m a little sad that we’ll likely never see her again, except perhaps on Facebook. Never the less, we made a friend. 🙂

The sprinkler company that I paid to supposedly winterize our sprinkler system last fall, fucked something up, and when I cranked on the water to the yard a few weeks ago, the pipe that feeds the yard is burst in at least two places.

The van needs a new radiator fan assembly which took some troubleshooting to narrow down. They’re ridiculously expensive, and you can’t simply replace one of the fans, you can only buy the set. Which is a load of horse shit. I keep forgetting to call the local scrap yards to see if they’ve got anything that’ll work.

I got the nerd cave all moved, which took nearly an entire weekend, but the new space downstairs is really great. I broke it in officially early yesterday afternoon, with a our third session of a game of Beyond The Supernatural. You can check that game out, and find the playlist for that series, below.


I’m also getting ready to resume our D&D game, which has been stalled since last summer. We decided that it would be easier to play on Roll20 for most of our sessions, and then meet in person every so often. It took some notes review, but I remembered where we were in Lost Mine Of Phandelver, and I’ve about got the game ready to play. We’ll be nailing down a date soon.

We’re also working out a camping trip with our good friends up in Kalispell, which I assume is fairly imminent.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy, so there hasn’t been any movement on the Teardrop in a few weeks. I’m hoping to resume that project this week.

Busy, busy, busy, but nice.