I’ve been going by “DeadTOm” online, mostly for gaming purposes, since the late 1990’s. I’m a gen-x, professional computer nerd, mediocre programmer, occasional photographer, video and tabletop gamer, ordained Dudeist minister, dad to two male nerdlings, and husband-like figure to an amazing woman.

I’m an advocate for free and open source software, and a Linux user since 1997. My current distribution of choice is Debian. My household has been Windows free since 2008. If you want to learn more about Linux, I suggest you start here.

I play a lot of pen and paper role playing games, and video games. I tinker with electronics, and I have a lot of home built devices around my house, performing various tasks. We camp as often as possible when the weather permits, and I post photos of our adventures on my Flickr page.

Other places you can find me:

  • Twitter – I swear and rant a lot here.
  • Keybase – Encrypted chat, with lots of crypto/verification stuff.
  • Jabber/XMPP – Decentralized chat.
  • Roll20 – I play RPGs here.
  • Flickr – I post my photography here. Some of it is travel/camping photos, a lot of it is just every day life, and my little photography experiments.
  • I’m on Facebook, but only to keep up with family and local events. I don’t particularly like Facebook.
    • I keep my profile private, and I never post anything.
    • If I don’t know you, I’m probably not going to add you.
    • If I do know you, I probably still won’t add you.
    • If I have already added you, odds are that I won’t notice anything you’ve tagged me in or posted to or about me, because I only check very specific things once or twice a month, and I rarely ever look at my notifications.
  • I also spend a lot of time on Freenode (IRC), under the name “DeadTOm”, mostly in various tech/nerd channels.

You can email me at If you know what gpg is, and how to use it, I’d prefer that you did. You can find my public key here.