My name is Allen. I’ve been going by DeadTOm online, mostly for gaming purposes, since the late 1990’s. I’m a mediocre programmer, a better than average photographer, and I’ve been working in IT since 2001. I’m currently a network administrator.

I’m a serious advocate for free and open source software, and a Linux user since 1998. My current distro of choice is Kubuntu. I use Windows at work, but only because they make me. At home, we’ve been Windows free since 2008. My partner and our kids are quite happy with Linux.

For more information about Linux, and why you should be using it, go to

Places you can find me:

  • Steam
  • Twitter
  • deviantArt
  • Google+ - Most of my posts are restricted to my circles. So there isn't much on my public feed.
  • I’m on Facebook, but only to keep up with family and local events. I don’t particularly like Facebook. I keep my profile private. If I don't know you, I'm probably not going to add you. If I do know you, I probably still won't add you.

    I also frequent these IRC servers, under the name “DeadTOm”:
  • DALnet
  • Undernet
  • Freenode

  • You can email me at If you know what pgp is and how to use it, I’d prefer that you did. You can find my public key here.

    That’s all there is to know.