I’ve been going by “DeadTOm” online, mostly for gaming purposes, since the late 1990s. I’m a gen-x, professional computer nerd, mediocre programmer, occasional photographer, video and tabletop gamer, ordained Dudeist minister, dad to two male nerdlings, and husband-like figure to an amazing woman.

I’m an advocate for free and open source software, and a Linux user since 1997. My current distribution of choice is Debian. My household has been Windows free since 2008. If you want to learn more about Linux, I suggest you start here.

I play a lot of pen and paper role-playing games, and video games. I tinker with electronics, and I have a lot of home built devices around my house, performing various tasks. We camp as often as possible when the weather permits, and I post photos of our adventures on my Flickr page.



Other places you can find me:

  • Twitter – I swear and rant a lot here.
  • Keybase – Encrypted chat, with lots of crypto/verification stuff.
  • Jabber/XMPP – Decentralized chat.
  • Roll20 – I play RPGs here.
  • Flickr – I post my photography here. Some of it is travel/camping photos, a lot of it is just every day life, and my little photography experiments. It does tend to slow waaaaaay down in the colder months, and pick up again in the spring.

You can email me at If you know what PGP is, and how to use it, I’d prefer that you did. You can find my public key here.