Working on the walls

Came down with a headache that lasted for two days. It was a real doozy, so other than picking up the plywood for the wall frames,  I didn’t get anymore work done on the trailer on Sunday. I was feeling much better today though.

After dinner, I went out to the garage and got the wall template cut out. I think it looks pretty good. I wanted to start on the first wall but I couldn’t find any straight plywood at Lowe’s. Everything there was warped. I picked out the best sheets that I could find, and had them do a few simple cuts for me on the machine in the store. It’s awfully handy because it makes an exact cut, and saves me just a little bit of time.

Tonight I took one of those sheets of plywood, applied a very light layer of water to the concave side with a sponge, flipped it over and left it to dry. It wasn’t much of a warp so it shouldn’t take much to straighten it out. I imagine in the time it’s taken me to clean up and type this out, it’s probably already looking much better.

So hopefully I’ll start cutting on that piece tomorrow evening. 🙂