Trump’s attack on Syria was yet another smoke screen

So as it turns out, this Syria attack was pointless to everyone but Trump.

Trump did not consult congress before ordering the attack, because he knew they would tell him it was a waste of time and resources. He did consult Putin though. Putin then notified President Assad, who began moving aircraft and personnel away from that air base, which explains why only six people were killed in a barrage of fifty-eight tomahawk missiles.

There is also the fact that Russia’s air defenses in Syria didn’t fire a single shot, or make any other attempt to take down those tomahawk missiles.

The damage to Syria’s military capabilities by this attack are minimal. The threat to Russia’s national security, also minimal. So this is not the start of WW3. In fact this was a completely ineffectual and militarily pointless attack.

However, what is everyone talking about this morning? Syria.

What isn’t everyone talking about this morning? The Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

So guess what the real reason for this attack was.

Go ahead. Guess.