Sleep apnea strikes again

I’ve had trouble sleeping since I was in college. It comes and goes, but it occurred to me this evening that I haven’t been sleeping for shit this week, which explains my mood. I’ll have to start taking something before bed for a week or so, and see how I do.


Here’s Liz, being flexible. It hurt my knees just watching her hold this pose.

2 Replies to “Sleep apnea strikes again”

  1. Jess

    Have you had a sleep study done? I found out after mine that for every hour I was asleep, I wasn’t breathing for 20 minutes of it. CPAP changed my life – might be worth exploring.

    1. deadtom Post author

      I tried to. They had me do one of the home tests first, and that determined that I’m sleeping fine. Which we know is not the case, because I routinely wake up gasping for air, and Laure wakes me up once in a while because I quit breathing. If I want to go in and have a study done anyway, my insurance won’t cover it, because Murica.


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