Summer seems to finally be here

We had the first actual BBQ of the summer yesterday. We invited some friends over, several cakes were baked. Chicken, salmon, bratwurst, burgers, various types of rice, and some excellent pasta salad were prepared. Later on, Catan, and Cards Against Humanity were played. Pandora was being a real bitch, so Spotify provided the music.

We finally called it quits about 11:30 at night, on account of three of the friends having to drive an hour to get home. We offered to put them up in the spare bedroom but they were intent on sleeping in their own bed.

One of the attendees is from Australia, she was an absolute sweet heart, and I’m a little sad that we’ll likely never see her again, except perhaps on Facebook. Never the less, we made a friend. 🙂

The sprinkler company that I paid to supposedly winterize our sprinkler system last fall, fucked something up, and when I cranked on the water to the yard a few weeks ago, the pipe that feeds the yard is burst in at least two places.

The van needs a new radiator fan assembly which took some troubleshooting to narrow down. They’re ridiculously expensive, and you can’t simply replace one of the fans, you can only buy the set. Which is a load of horse shit. I keep forgetting to call the local scrap yards to see if they’ve got anything that’ll work.

I got the nerd cave all moved, which took nearly an entire weekend, but the new space downstairs is really great. I broke it in officially early yesterday afternoon, with a our third session of a game of Beyond The Supernatural. You can check that game out, and find the playlist for that series, below.


I’m also getting ready to resume our D&D game, which has been stalled since last summer. We decided that it would be easier to play on Roll20 for most of our sessions, and then meet in person every so often. It took some notes review, but I remembered where we were in Lost Mine Of Phandelver, and I’ve about got the game ready to play. We’ll be nailing down a date soon.

We’re also working out a camping trip with our good friends up in Kalispell, which I assume is fairly imminent.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy, so there hasn’t been any movement on the Teardrop in a few weeks. I’m hoping to resume that project this week.

Busy, busy, busy, but nice.

Busy-ness, and my dog.

The time has really flown by these last few weeks.

I’ve been busy working on the teardrop during the weekends, and two or three evenings a week. I’m trying to keep from doing it every night so that I don’t get burnt out on it. Getting the side walls up feels like it’s taking forever and is getting a bit tedious, but I expected that. I think I’m just about done with them, barring any more unforeseen issues.

Laure and I are already making camping plans for this summer, and we got out and worked in the yard a bit this last Sunday. There is always a lot of clean up to do in the spring. We have some flowers ready to plant and we need to get those in the ground soon. Also, our raspberry bush has already started budding, which is pretty cool.

Lots of political developments. We’re seeing just how ridiculous the GOP is willing to let things get, and there is no sign of the ridiculous train slowing down any time soon. Even the possibility of nukes flying through the air doesn’t seem to encourage anyone to maybe step in and start taking some action. Although it does appear that most of what we’ve been seeing the last few weeks is just a lot of dick waving.

Missoula is coming to life again, spring seems to be driving people out doors more, which is always nice to see. I’m still not convinced that we’ve seen the last freeze of the year though. I’m afraid to turn on the water to our yard just yet.

That’s all for today. I have three half typed blog posts, mostly about my own life observations, but I’m not sure if I’ll get around to finishing one of them or not. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here is my dog.

Working on the walls

Came down with a headache that lasted for two days. It was a real doozy, so other than picking up the plywood for the wall frames,  I didn’t get anymore work done on the trailer on Sunday. I was feeling much better today though.

After dinner, I went out to the garage and got the wall template cut out. I think it looks pretty good. I wanted to start on the first wall but I couldn’t find any straight plywood at Lowe’s. Everything there was warped. I picked out the best sheets that I could find, and had them do a few simple cuts for me on the machine in the store. It’s awfully handy because it makes an exact cut, and saves me just a little bit of time.

Tonight I took one of those sheets of plywood, applied a very light layer of water to the concave side with a sponge, flipped it over and left it to dry. It wasn’t much of a warp so it shouldn’t take much to straighten it out. I imagine in the time it’s taken me to clean up and type this out, it’s probably already looking much better.

So hopefully I’ll start cutting on that piece tomorrow evening. 🙂

Delays, delays, delays…

They’re never ending.

So I went to the local lumber place yesterday and they had a pretty good assortment of marine plywood, they also want an arm and a kidney for it. $82 a sheet for 1/2 inch marine plywood. The reason I wanted to work with them is that I prefer to buy local when I can, and I wanted to get started on the floor as soon as possible. But I can’t pay that much for lumber, so Lowe’s it is.

Of course, our Lowe’s doesn’t carry any marine plywood on hand, it has to be special ordered. It’s $50 a sheet though, plus another 10% off with my veteran’s discount, and another 5% using the Lowe’s credit account. That’s a little less than $43 a sheet, damn near half what the other place wanted. I’ll call in my order later today.

So we went to lunch at Red Robin.


Didn’t make as much progress as I would like this weekend. There’s still tomorrow though. Yay for three day weekends.

Saturday I got up and ran some errands around town while Laure indulged her sudden, inexplicable urge to deep clean every inch of the house. I returned home about the same time that she was finishing up. I fully intended to go out and clean the garage, after a bite to eat. What ended up happening was Laure falling asleep in our room, while reading a book, and myself nodding off on the couch and sleeping through five episodes of Futurama. I’m not sure where the sleepiness came from but we were both exhausted by mid-afternoon. After we awoke from our naps, we spent the evening watching TV together on the couch.

Today, after sleeping in till about nine AM, I went out and cleaned the garage. It is once again usable for more than just keeping our van dry. I didn’t get out and buy lumber like I’d planned. Today being Sunday, everything closed early. I did spend a little time in sketch-up, and measured and re-measured the trailer. I briefly entertained the idea of trying to salvage the existing decking somehow, but a cursory inspection of that plywood confirmed my initial concerns. That wood has been soaked through more than once, and while it would probably hold up fine for a few years, perhaps longer if I seal it properly, it will eventually rot out from under the teardrop. So I’ll be making a trip by one of the local lumber companies for some properly treated, ¾ inch plywood to replace that decking with.

I was also struck by something that I hadn’t put much thought into before, the fenders. I haven’t been a huge fan of the existing fenders but they don’t look bad, so I figured I’d leave them alone. The problem is that, as they are currently installed, once I build up the floor of the trailer there will be no way to remove those fenders. We’ll be stuck with them. That got me to thinking about something else, and whipping out the measuring tape yet again. The existing fenders are mounted in such a way that when the teardrop is finished, there will be a gap of a half an inch to an inch, between the walls and the fenders. I don’t think it’ll look good. So after I use the trailer to pick up the larger bits of lumber that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the van, I’ll be removing those fenders. I know a few people that are pretty good with a torch and a grinder, and I’ll have those fenders modified to attach right to the side of the teardrop when it’s done. I think this will look much better, and it will give us the option of replacing them with something we like better, in the future.

Since it’s President’s day tomorrow, I don’t know if the lumber company I want to use will be open. If they are, I’ll pick up the treated plywood for the underside, and see how far I can get with replacing that and then framing up the floor. I’d like to get it to the point where it’s insulated and ready to lay the cabin side of the floor down, but we have a million other things we need to do tomorrow so I don’t know how far into that I’m going to get.

In any case, some progress will be made and that’ll make me happy.