My name is Allen. I’ve been going by “DeadTOm” online, mostly for gaming purposes, since the late 1990’s. I’m a mediocre programmer, a better than average photographer, and I’ve been working in IT since 2001. I’m a gen-x, professional computer nerd, video and tabletop gamer, dad to two male nerdlings, husband-like figure to an amazing woman, and citizen of Earth.

What you’ll find here are ramblings about everything I feel interesting enough to share with the world, whether the world wants to hear it or not. In case it sounds wholesome and family-like, it’s not. I swear like a drunken pirate, I post a lot of nudity, and I make a lot of boob jokes. I’m not the type of person you want to put on speaker phone.

I’m an advocate for free and open source software, and a Linux user since 1998. My current distro of choice is Kubuntu. I use Windows at work, but only because they make me. At home, we’ve been Windows free since 2008. My partner and our kids are quite happy with Linux. It is a perfectly viable alternative to Windows.

For more information about Linux, and why you should be using it, go to whylinuxisbetter.net.

Places you can find me:

  • Steam –  l play a shit-ton of games.
  • Twitter – I swear and rant a lot here.
  • deviantArt – I take lots of photos of my friends… my friends don’t mind taking their clothes off for me.
  • Google+ – Most of my posts are restricted to my circles. So there isn’t much on my public feed. Lots of geekery takes place here. D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Rifts, home made gadgetry, science articles… geekery.
  • I ‘m on Facebook, but only to keep up with family and local events. I don’t particularly like Facebook. I keep my profile private. If I don’t know you, I’m probably not going to add you. If I do know you, I probably still won’t add you.
  • I also spend a lot of time on Freenode (IRC), under the name “DeadTOm”, mostly in various tech/nerd channels, trying to help out where I can.


Also, I’m an ordained Dudeist minister, because why not, man.


You can email me at deadtom@deadtom.me. If you know what pgp is and how to use it, I’d prefer that you did. You can find my public key here.

That’s all there is to know.


Mrs. DeadTOm