It’s been an extremely productive weekend

I got a lot of work done on the tear drop, did a lot of little chores around the house, got a bit of coding in, read a little bit, cooked a big breakfast yesterday, ran lots of errands around town… I got a lot done.

I’ve got a lot of little projects I’d like to tinker with.

  • I want to build my own hidden USB drive, just for the hell of it. I’ve got a few ideas there, either modifying some doo-dad I have laying around, or 3D print something.
  • I need to finish the little robot I’ve been working on for months now. All that’s really left to be done is get a decent set of wheels, and a gearbox for it, and then put it in some kind of enclosure. My code could use some cleaning up, and I have another feature that I want to add onto it. I have a million and one uses for it, but I’ve been so busy with other things for months now, that I haven’t taken the time to finish it up.
  • I’ve been fascinated with toy photography for about a year now, and I have so much stuff laying around my nerd cave, namely legos, that would make good subjects. I need to get on that. This would be a good summer for it.
  • I haven’t had time to play Minecraft in a few weeks. I have goals there that are languishing.
  • I still need to migrate my main PC over to Debian, from Kubuntu. I know it’s going to be a big project, so I keep putting it off. There isn’t ever going to be a good time to do it, so I need to just do it.
  • I’ve been thinking about ways to contribute to the Linux and open source communities, since I’m not a decent enough coder to contribute anything useful in that arena. I’m going to start screenshotting some apps that are in dire need of screenshots with their documentation, and send those in to Debian. I’ve set up a Deluge server and I’m seeding various forms of different Linux distributions, and working out ways to keep those up-to- date. I’ve been thinking of rebooting my Every Day Linux project, which is mostly a Youtube thing for beginning Linux users, and I’m going to start contributing podcasts to Hacker Public Radio.
  • I’m resuming the D&D game that me and some friends started last summer. I let it go because everyone was so busy, and no one ever asked about the next session. My anxiety got the best of me and I assumed that I just really sucked as a DM. So I didn’t bother continuing with it. We all talked at my last birthday party, and they want to keep playing.

As you can see, I have lots I want to do, but clearly not enough time.

I’m planning on changing my sleep schedule, and getting up about an hour earlier than I normally do, so that I have time to work out and walk our dogs before work. So, I should probably get to bed.

Here is a shot from an impromptu hotel shoot we did a few years ago. Enjoy.

Thunderbird + browser

In case anyone else has wasted too much time trying to figure out how to change the browser that Thunderbird uses to open links in emails, it’s here:

  1. Go to Preferences (Menu Edit → Preferences).
  2. Click on the Attachments tab.
  3. In the Content Type and Action section set HTTPSHTTP, and FTP to Use google-chrome (or other desired browser).

Carry on…

Blowing my battery

So I’m building a tongue box for my teardrop trailer, that will contain the battery, power center, and charging station from the solar panels. I’ve been concerned about heat in that box, and was kicking around the idea of putting an Arduino controlled fan in there to keep things cool when necessary.

Yesterday, the maintenance guy at the library walks up to me, holding this big ass blower, says he found it in a pile of crap, and asks me if I could use it.

Hell yes, I can use it.

I ran the model and serial number passed Duckduckgo, and couldn’t find a datasheet on this thing. It says right on it that it operates on twelve volts. It only took about fifteen minutes of tinkering to figure out how to control it. It moves a lot of air, and should work perfect.

I’ll have that Arduino Micro, a temperature sensor, and a relay in there, and set this thing to kick on automagically when it gets to a certain temp inside that box.

Yay for old shit.