Birthdays, photo shoots, the flu, and cabin fever

It’s been a crazy busy year already.

My brother’s birthday was last week, and Laure baked up his usual preferred birthday cake. He came over and we had a little thing. It was nice. My birthday is less than a month away. We’re just inviting a few friends over for a game night. It does fall on a Friday this year, and we both requested each others’ birthdays off from work. I have no idea what we’ll do with the day off. I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Laure, myself, and our housemate all caught the flu. It was a miserable week home from work. We’re all back at work, but still coughing constantly, and going through tissue like nobody’s business. We’re all on the mend though.

I have a tentative shoot with my friend Maia, scheduled for tomorrow evening. I’m excited about that. We’ve been trying to put together a photo shoot for months but life keeps getting in the way. Tonight I’ll be cleaning up the garage to make room for a studio space. I’ve been busy out there working on the teardrop. I’m finally back in the groove there, and wanting to work on it as often as possible. That’s good, because I haven’t wanted to touch it for months, and spring is on the horizon.

The more I work on the teardrop, the more I think about summer, and a road trip. We’ll most likely be broke again this year, and we’ve resolved to use our credit cards as little as possible, so a big road trip probably won’t happen. Still, we’ll be doing as many little trips around the state as we can, visiting state parks and camp grounds. Glacier park will probably happen, and a trip to Yellowstone is not out of the question. We both have time off in July, so we’ll see what the money situation is like then.

Laure has been playing a shit ton of Unravel, and Horizon Zero Dawn. She’s really enjoying those, and I’m glad she’s gaming more these days. I’ve been gearing up to run a TMNT game on Roll20. I only have time to do one-shot scenarios, and I’m hoping to be able to run those at least once a month. I’ll aim to keep each one under two hours, so that I can do them on week evenings. So far I’ve made a bunch of tokens, put together a collection of back grounds, and made “Be right back” and “Starting Soon” screens for YouTube.

I might stream it on Twitch, if there is some way to shut off the chat. I won’t be able to run the game and focus on chat at the same time. The alternative is just to ignore it all together and play. I’m still thinking about that one.

That’s about all I have today. Enjoy these early morning, candid motel room shots from one of our shopping excursions to Spokane.