Busy-ness, and my dog.

The time has really flown by these last few weeks.

I’ve been busy working on the teardrop during the weekends, and two or three evenings a week. I’m trying to keep from doing it every night so that I don’t get burnt out on it. Getting the side walls up feels like it’s taking forever and is getting a bit tedious, but I expected that. I think I’m just about done with them, barring any more unforeseen issues.

Laure and I are already making camping plans for this summer, and we got out and worked in the yard a bit this last Sunday. There is always a lot of clean up to do in the spring. We have some flowers ready to plant and we need to get those in the ground soon. Also, our raspberry bush has already started budding, which is pretty cool.

Lots of political developments. We’re seeing just how ridiculous the GOP is willing to let things get, and there is no sign of the ridiculous train slowing down any time soon. Even the possibility of nukes flying through the air doesn’t seem to encourage anyone to maybe step in and start taking some action. Although it does appear that most of what we’ve been seeing the last few weeks is just a lot of dick waving.

Missoula is coming to life again, spring seems to be driving people out doors more, which is always nice to see. I’m still not convinced that we’ve seen the last freeze of the year though. I’m afraid to turn on the water to our yard just yet.

That’s all for today. I have three half typed blog posts, mostly about my own life observations, but I’m not sure if I’ll get around to finishing one of them or not. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here is my dog.

Trump’s attack on Syria was yet another smoke screen

So as it turns out, this Syria attack was pointless to everyone but Trump.

Trump did not consult congress before ordering the attack, because he knew they would tell him it was a waste of time and resources. He did consult Putin though. Putin then notified President Assad, who began moving aircraft and personnel away from that air base, which explains why only six people were killed in a barrage of fifty-eight tomahawk missiles.

There is also the fact that Russia’s air defenses in Syria didn’t fire a single shot, or make any other attempt to take down those tomahawk missiles.

The damage to Syria’s military capabilities by this attack are minimal. The threat to Russia’s national security, also minimal. So this is not the start of WW3. In fact this was a completely ineffectual and militarily pointless attack.

However, what is everyone talking about this morning? Syria.

What isn’t everyone talking about this morning? The Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

So guess what the real reason for this attack was.

Go ahead. Guess.


Working on the walls

Came down with a headache that lasted for two days. It was a real doozy, so other than picking up the plywood for the wall frames,  I didn’t get anymore work done on the trailer on Sunday. I was feeling much better today though.

After dinner, I went out to the garage and got the wall template cut out. I think it looks pretty good. I wanted to start on the first wall but I couldn’t find any straight plywood at Lowe’s. Everything there was warped. I picked out the best sheets that I could find, and had them do a few simple cuts for me on the machine in the store. It’s awfully handy because it makes an exact cut, and saves me just a little bit of time.

Tonight I took one of those sheets of plywood, applied a very light layer of water to the concave side with a sponge, flipped it over and left it to dry. It wasn’t much of a warp so it shouldn’t take much to straighten it out. I imagine in the time it’s taken me to clean up and type this out, it’s probably already looking much better.

So hopefully I’ll start cutting on that piece tomorrow evening. 🙂