Missed the bus

Woke up this morning thinking about an argument that Laure and I had last night just before bed. It wasn’t a screaming match type of argument. It was perfectly civil, but it was an argument. We have a stark difference of opinion when it comes to how to deal with our eldest teenager and it occasionally leads to moments of marital discontent.

Thinking really hard about the situation lead me to linger about ten minutes too long in the shower, which lead to me just missing the bus by about thirty seconds. I was half a block away when I watched it go speeding by the vacant bus stop.

So I’ll be riding in to work with Laure, an hour late.

Oh well. I’ll just skip lunch today and still make my eight hours for the day. I may or may not get a talking-to about it, a situation for which I’m fully prepared to defend myself by bringing up the fact that my coworker rarely ever sticks to his designated work schedule and pretty much comes and goes as he fucking pleases, and no one seems to give a shit.

Yes, I’m going to be that petty about it. Because it’s bullshit.

Anywho, now that Halloween is passed, my mind is refocusing back on gaming. I have a Rifts game this weekend, and I need to buck up and decide if I’m going to get serious about running a regular game myself or not. I know my fears there are completely irrational. I know that I’m a good story teller, I know that I’ve got a good grasp on the systems I’d like to use, but my anxiety keeps convincing me that I suck. So I’m still struggling with that.

I know my general mood lately has been a bit on the gloomy side. I’m working on it. Sorry about that.

Not sure how to close this blog entry, so here’s a photo I took a while back.